Small Group Activities organized by the
Mentor Group of OAA-CUHK (N. Cal) for
Summer/ Exchange Students of CUHK (April 1 - August 31, 2015)

Dear Students from CUHK,

Welcome to Northern California. The Mentor Group of The Overseas Alumni Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Northern California) has planned a number of small group activities during your stay in Northern California (Please see Part I). If any of you are interested in any of the activities, please follow the steps listed under Part II.

Please note that the mentors are offering their services on a voluntary basis with the aim of providing you with an enjoyable stay in Northern California. They will try their best to ensure that the trips are safe and enjoyable, and yet you are responsible for your own safety and well-being. By signing up for the various activities, you have indicated that you are willing to release OAA-CUHK (N. Cal) and mentor volunteers of any liability in case of accident or other unforeseen events. Also, there may be possible changes in the venue or date on the events without advance notice.

George Leung,
Co-ordinator, Mentor Group

March 18, 2015


Part I

1. Day Trip to Half Moon Bay and 17-Mile Drive

Mentor Responsible: Amien Lau, (amienlau0204 (at)
Capacity: up to 3 persons (will consider taking more people if other mentors are available to drive. Not accessible by public commute)
Duration/Days: Whole day/ date to be fixed between students and mentor
Charge: Free, lunch on their own. Charge for access to meeting place.
Brief Introduction: Drive down south along Highway 1 and reach Half Moon Bay by 11:00 a.m. Option is to have lunch on the beach nearby. There are good clam soup and salad for take-away too. After lunch, stroll around the pier for a while and then head towards other interesting spots like oyster farm….that will conclude this day trip.
Must Bring: Camera, hat, sunglasses, drinking water, snacks, picnic items.

2. Visit to Scenic and Urban places in San Francisco and Mid -Peninsula

Mentor responsible: David Wong(doywong321 (at)
Capacity: max. 4 students
Duration: whole day (from 10am to 6:30pm)
Preferred day: weekdays (e.g. Fridays) or Saturdays
Pick-up point: Front entrance of Macy's Main Store in Union Square, Geary Street, downtown San Francisco (near BART Powell Station).
Charge: free, lunch on one’s own
Brief Introduction: This is a brief tour to some of the major scenic places and urban developments in SF and Mid-Peninsula, including but not limited to: Twin Peaks (SF) for panoramic views, Serramonte Shopping Center (Daly City), Foster City's waterfront parks and homes, Crystal Spring Reservoir and trail (San Mateo), and Golden Gate Bridge (SF). Walk a section of GG Bridge and visit Sausalito (nice European-type waterfront town north of GGB) if time permits. Lunch in Foster City. Return to downtown SF by 6:30pm.

3. A Trip to Asian Art Museum

Mentor Responsible: Audrey Huie, (ahuie2265 (at)
Capacity: up to 3
Duration/Day: 1-3 hours or longer at students’ own pace and enjoyment /Tuesday to Friday (Thursday with extended opening hours from 5:00p.m. – 9:00 p.m., other days open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Charge: Free for one if accompanied by our responsible mentor to get in. (Normal admission fee is $12-$18), public commute cost will incur, lunch on your own.
Brief Introduction: Student could take BART to S.F. Civic Center Station. The Museum is within walking distance. (Address: 200 Larkin St.)You have to meet our Mentor who has free passes to take up to 5 guests into the Museum. It houses a collection of 16,000 pieces that span 6,000 years.

4. A Day Tour to Stanford campus, Oracle campus (Half Moon Bay if weather permits)

Mentor Responsible: Sun Leung, (sleungmbchb (at)
Capacity: up to 4
Duration: whole day, date to be scheduled between students and Mentor
Charge: none, public commute cost will incur.
Brief Introduction: Gather at Millbrae BART Station and our Mentor will meet you there. He is a physician working at a Kaiser Hospital. He will take you on a tour to Stanford University and Oracle campus. Half Moon Bay lies on a scenic stretch of SR 1 that extends from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo. It is a popular launching spot for sightseeing, fishing and whale-watching cruises.

5. Half Day Trip in Berkeley Vicinity – Kite Flying at Caesar Chavez Park and Water Birds Watching at Aquatic Park

Mentor Responsible: Paul Lee (paullee45 (at)
Duration: half-day
Time preferred: Monday or Friday morning /to be decided with students.
Capacity: 3-4 students
Charge: free
Highlights: These two parks are in the vicinity of Berkeley. Caesar Chavez is in Marina of Berkeley. It is open to breeze from the San Francisco Bay and is a good place to fly kites. The annual Kite Festival usually held in the last weekend of July takes place here. The Aquatic Park is a place of refuge for water birds that are very friendly. You are able to feed them with bread. Local people play freebie, kayak, and row boats over there. Even though I-80 (the interstate highway) runs parallel to this lagoon, yet you will be impressed by its serenity.

6. San Francisco Court House

Mentor Responsible: Audrey Huie (ahuie2265 (at)
Capacity: up to 4-5
Duration: half-day
Charge: free but may incur public transportation cost.
Brief Introduction: For anyone interested in visiting the actual court house in San Francisco.
Time preferred: Monday or Friday morning.

7. Visit El Cerrito Recycling and Environmental Resource Center and Berkeley Bowl

Mentors Responsible: Paul and Cecilia Lee (paullee45 (at)
Capacity: up to 4 students
Duration: half-day
Charge: free
Brief Introduction: For anyone interested in visiting one of the typical recycling Center and grocery store in urban area. This will be an eye-opening experience to see how the local people dispose of their home hazardous items such as electronics, batteries, expired medications, bulbs, and other recycling items such as books, papers, foams etc. The visit to Berkeley Bowl, a local grocery store will expose the new arrivals the huge varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, grapes, beans, flours, spices, etc.
Time preferred: Monday or Friday morning/to be decided with students.

8. Visit of Devil’s Slide, Trail, Half Moon Bay and Crystal Springs Reservoir

Mentor Responsible: David Wong (doywong321 (at)
Duration: One day
Max. capacity per trip: 4 students
Preferred day: weekdays (e.g. Fridays)
Pick-up and Drop-off point: Daly City BART Station
Cost: free (lunch cost shared among participants)
Brief Introduction: Devil's Slide Trail is a new 1.3 mile (one-way) walking/biking trail opened in Spring 2014, converted from a narrow winding section of Highway 1 at Devil's Slide along the California Pacific Coast now straightened by a twin-tube road tunnel. Forming part of the 55-mile Bay Area trail network/system, it offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and a great variety of geological structures and ocean wildlife en route apart from the fresh air. After walking along it, we'll head south to Princeton Harbor for seafood lunch and visit the crab, shrimp and fish boats where you can actually buy these fresh produces. Also visit the coastal towns and orchard/fruit farms in the Half Moon Bay area before taking another short walk along the Tom Sawyer Trail near Crystal Springs Reservoir in San Mateo within a vast scenic nature and water conservation district.
Remarks: Bring wind-jackets, hats, sunglasses and bottled water.


Part II

Sign-up Procedures:

  1. To enable more students to join the activities, each student is advised to sign up for up to 3 activities.
  2. Please email directly the mentor responsible for each activity. In the alternative, contact George Leung, Mentor Group Coordinator, at kleun2000 (at)
  3. Each student will be informed of initial acceptance. The responsible mentor will liaise with the students to schedule a date and time of the trip. In order to make sure the availability of the mentor(s), please sign up well in advance.
  4. The sign-up will be handled in a first-come-first-served basis by each mentor responsible.