Meeting with Exchange Students at UC-Berkeley

【2015年2月7日】 This semester seven exchange students from CUHK have come to UC Berkeley to study. On Feb 7, 2015, Paul and Cecilia Lee who are the mentors in charge of CUHK students at UC-Berkeley hosted a potluck party at their home to welcome the students (See picture below). Five students attended and two mentors and their spouses, Joseph and Florence Chow, George and Helen Leung, were also there. Karen Cheung who is the newest member of the mentor group was also present. They shared their experiences of living in Bay area with the students. After lunch they went to visit the neighborhood recycling plant and Costco store. (Reporting/George Leung)

Mentor Group 學長組

The Mentor Group is composed of dedicated alumni of CUHK living in Northern California who are willing and ready to organize activities for the summer or exchange students coming from CUHK to study in Northern California and to provide them with assistance/advice on non-academic matters, with the objective of enabling the students to reap the most benefit from their study/stay here in USA, and to find timely solution to problems the students may face. All mentors work as volunteers.

Mentors assigned to take care of students at specific universities are as follows:

UC-Berkeley: Paul Lee, paullee45 (at)
UC-Davis: Patrick Leung, psleung (at)
UC-Santa Cruz: Fan Kong, fankong (at)

The Mentor Group currently consists of 20+ members, led by George Leung.

The Mentor Group has prepared a comprehensive guide for exchange or summer students of CUHK studying at U.C. Berkeley. It offers many valuable tips about how to get around, places to see, where to get great food, and just about anything one can think of about living and studying in Berkeley. This guide is compiled by Paul Lee based on contributions from the mentors and the students themselves, and is periodically updated.

The mentors are motivated to make the students' visit in Northern California a pleasant and memorable one. In addition to large-scale field trips to local spots of historical or cultural interest, they also plan a number of fun activities intended for small groups. Students are encouraged to check out the Small Group Activities currently offered and contact the mentors in charge directly.


【2014年7月27日】本會學長組舉辦矽谷一日遊活動,行程包括史坦福大學,Cantor Center of Visual Art, HP Garage, Google Campus 及 Computer History Museum. 共有44人參加這次活動,包括24位校友及友好及20位學弟學妹。本次活動內容涵蓋科技、藝術及高等教育,大大的提高及擴寬了各人的視野。

本次活動得以順利舉行,有賴各位義工的組織調協和幫忙接載參加者,多謝 George Leung, Paul Lee, Harvy Hu, David Wong, Sum Woo, Frank Cheung 和 Joseph Chow。 我們還要特別多謝本會賢婿、國畫教育及品評專家鄭仕麟先生親自來 Cantor Museum 現場為各人講解及導賞。 Harvy Zhiang 學弟現就讀於史坦福大學究院,他充當嚮導帶領各人遊覽了史坦福校園。江帆校友一直在矽谷資訊科技界任要職,他當日特別抽空到 Computer History Museum 和各人會合後,帶領各人遊覽 Redwood Shoreline,沿途講解,令各人增廣見聞,十分多謝。下面圖片是各位參加者在電腦歷史愽物管前的集體照。