From ABC’s “Kill Every One in China” Episode
To Asians Self-Empowerment in the US

Marisa Chuang - Yuen Ming. PhD

On October 29 , 2013 ABC-TV aired a pre-recorded show Kids’ Table with comment by a child, “Kill every one in China” as solution to erase the US’s national debt. Response from Host & producer Jimmy Kimmel was “That’s interesting.” After a few chit-chats, Host concluded with this remark, “Shall we let the Chinese live now?”

Quite immediately, outburst of uproar and protests ensued. Some said, “Relax, kids say the darnest things.” Civil rights experts, like Chancellor Frank Wu of University of California Hasting Law School referred to it as “genocide disguised as a joke” in an article posted on Huffington Post. Among many Asian group leaders who protested the bigotry, Dr. S. B. Woo, National President of 80-20 Initiatives, was the first Asian leader who got a formal apology from ABC’s Senior Vice President. Subsequent to demonstrations held from coast-to-coast, 101,768 signatures were collected in only nine days on the White House sponsored petition drive (a record setting historic height in US Asians’ protests), the major media including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal gave prominent coverage of the Asians’ strength, ABC cancelled the show and producer Kimmel formally apologized.

Let’s review the scenario and discuss how you reacted or would have reacted to the “killing of … China” pre-recorded statement. Would you accept it as a joke? If the word “China” were substituted with the word “Israel” or “Africa” or “Spain”, what do you think the Jews, African or Hispanic Americans would have reacted? Your answers will show how you are civil rights minded or politically apathetic. Whether I believe Asians have achieved equal rights or not, I am grateful for the strong Asian political voice 80-20 Initiatives for its tireless efforts to combat institutional racism and ensuring equal rights & equal protection for us Asians in America. For details of its accomplishments, what the title 80-20 means, and other topics of interests, please refer to website

Back to the question “What do you think the Jews, Africans or Hispanics would have reacted . . .” I venture to say, definitely NOT as quiet or polite as the Asians would. The sad reality is Asians lack political clout. Heretofore, Asians lack of a well funded power broker to voice our concerns severely hurts Asians in all walks of life. Objective research findings showed Asians facing the lowest glass ceiling at work places, and our college bound youngsters have to jump over higher barriers at elite college admission offices even today. These lead me, a devoted 80-20 volunteer, to introduce its “Clarion Call to Action” below. Please see details below and support the 80-20 SELF (Self Empowerment Long-Term Fund) project to help our offspring to achieve true equal rights and equal justice in the USA!

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