Are Chinese Americans Still Considered the
“Forever Foreigners” in the US in 2014?

Marisa Chuang - Yuen Ming, PhD

Yes, indeed there are too many episodes in the past eleven months in which media bigots and political antagonists continue to spread hatred as well as insults against Asians and Chinese in print, on air and in social media. Please read the following incidents and ask “Why are the Chinese/Asians still facing such discrimination in the media and political circles? Statistically, aren’t the Asians in the US, fairly affluent and have attained the above average educational levels?

  • In October 2013, “ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (a pre-recorded kids Show), a kid said “Kill everyone in China” as one way to wipe out the national debt to China. Host Jimmy Kimmel responded, “That’s interesting.” After spontaneous protests came out by the Chinese and other racial groups across the US, 101,000 signatures were collected in only nine days on a White House sponsored petition. The Host apologized and the Kid show was off the air. 80-20 Initiative (the biggest political voice for Asian Americans) was the first Asian organization to which the ABC Vice President formally apologized.
  • SCA 5 (Senate Constitution Amendment No. 5) was introduced in early 2014. Leaders of 80-20 Initiatives (by far the biggest political voice for Asian Americans, appealed to supporters to call the CA Senators to vote NO to the bill which was anti-Asians in area of college admission . 80-20’s campaign was successful and the bill was withdrawn before it was up for a vote. 80-20 continues to watch out for any legislation that is unfair to Asians in employment, college admission with illegal quota for race, government contracting and glass ceiling at work place.
  • Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao was treated as “fair game” in her husband’s ongoing political race by his opponents. The partisan politician called attention to her being Asian and not from Kentucky . . . If even a Presidential appointee like Elaine Chao, with impressive credentials, is attacked for her being a Chinese, an outsider, no wonder why people keep asking us, “Where are you from?” Aren’t you tired of being treated like a foreigner even though you were born in the US and your family might have been here for 40 +years, or 100+ years or even longer? Let’s be vigilant and active in civics matters so that in time of national emergency, we will not be forced to be sent away to internment camps like the Japanese Americans were forced to leave their homes and to “camp” which is more like open jails in several US deserts in WWII. Many Japanese Americans lost their homes and thousands died from freezing weather or sickness during the encampment. It is relevant to point out that at the same time in WWII, Germany and Italy were attacking the US with surprises too. Did our US government arrest other US citizens whose national origins were Germany and Italy and shipped them to freezing camps in US deserts? Why were Japanese Americans, and not German Americans nor Italian Americans, singled out to be imprisoned by acts of a foreign country?
  • On July 10, 2014, Bob Beckel of Fox News, insulted Chinese people worldwide with the Chinamen word and called the "billions" of Chinese people the single biggest threat to the US national security. Please listen to the tape at link below. You will realize that Beckel’s weak attempt to apology later by saying, “I meant the Chinese government, not the Chinese people.” is a lie.

Dr. S. B. Woo, founder and volunteer President of 80-20 and a growing number of organizations have joined in a coalition. The coalition is declaring Beckel must go for spreading hatred on air against Chinese people worldwide.

So far Fox News’s President Roger Ailes has ignored 80-20’s request for punitive actions against its worker Beckel for blatant discriminatory and insulting on-air statements against the Asians. Would Fox News have ignored such hateful and disdain statement if target of the insult is another racial group such as African, Jewish, or white . . .?

On behalf of 80-20, I ask readers and your folks and friends to join in a protest against Fox News’ allowing Beckel’s discriminatory and humiliating statements against Chinese on air. Beckel’s weak “apology” was a lie. He claimed that he meant the Chinese government and not the people. One can listen to the tape of what he said on air, he kept on saying “Chinamen ….. these people . . . billions . . . They kill kids . . .” The word “government” was never mentioned in his original statement.) For details of what Beckel said originally, please go to YouTube and click:


A number of Asian organizations are joining 80-20 to enhance the Asian voice in our fight against insults and injustice. Several actions are being planned which include buying full -page ads in major newspapers and boycotting products of nationwide selected sponsors of FOX News program. For the sake of equal rights, livelihood and dignity of Asians in America, now and generations to come, I urge ALL Asians and our friends of all races to join in the coalition’s protest and related actions. When more appeals for justice reach the conscience of more and more leaders, we expect our cries will move mountains. In time, the good people and the oppressed shall overcome. Hopefully our appeal to justice will lead to the departure of blatant racist Bob Beckel from not only Fox News but also barred from other TV stations. For more details on 80-20’s responses to the above issues, please visit:

Editor’s remarks: Dr. Marisa Yuen Ming is an OAA-CUHK(NC) member. She welcomes readers’ comments which may be sent to: